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Haze machine (Hazer) Powerful haze machine with excellent features such as a quick heat-up time and ..

14 198 р

Hazer with timer control Produces a fine, transparent haze Control via enclosed cable remote control..

19 006 р

Hazer Small and very efficient haze machine Can be controlled by DMX-512 or comfortably via the incl..

20 820 р

ADJ Entour Venue, 1500 W Fazer, DMX controllable, heat-up time: 45 seconds, fluid consumption: maxim..

43 772 р

Hazer with flight case Specially developed for use on tour The amount of haze and the fan speed can ..

51 393 р

Martin Magnum 2500 Hz Hazer

Hazer The Magnum 2500 HZ is an easy-to-use haze machine for DJs, smaller discos, bars and clubs The ..

52 935 р

Hazer Microprocessor controlled Durable vapour tube from 316 grade stainless steel Automatic self-cl..

55 203 р

Haze machine Version 2.1 Minimal warm-up time of just 60 seconds Pump and fan separately adjustable ..

64 003 р

Fazer Mobile 1500 W tour fazer Comes in a solid flight case Functions with traditional water-based f..

66 634 р

Hazer with robust road-case housing Microprocessor controlled Durable vapour tube from 316 grade sta..

70 444 р

Jem Compact Hazer Pro

Haze machine Robust and light weight haze machine Extremely uniform haze distribution with outstandi..

70 898 р

Hazer Ideal for beam effects & moving light shows High-quality haze machine that functions according..

74 254 р

Look Unique 2.1 115V Hazer

Professional haze machine Benefits from a minimum heating time of only 60 seconds Pump and fan separ..

76 522 р

Hazer Whisper-quiet via new low-noise components and design. Discreetly but efficiently fills the ai..

78 065 р

Haze Machine Ideal for beam effects and moving light shows Very high-quality haze machine based on v..

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Репетиционная база/учебный класс площадью 25кв.мВключает в себяударную установку, стандартный компле..

400 р

Репетиционная база/учебный класс площадью 25кв.мВключает в себяударную установку, стандартный компле..

350 р

Репетиционная база/учебный класс премиум класса площадью 38кв.мВозможна поканальная лайв записьВключ..

450 р

Занятия для одного человека во всех комнатах от 190р в час!Включает в себяударную установку, стандар..

250 р

1.8 GHz Wireless Headset System 192 UHF Channels (1785 - 1800 MHz) True Diversity receiver 10 mW Tra..

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Keyboard 32 Mini keys 8 Voice polyphony 100 Sounds 50 Styles 10 Practice pieces 5 Drum pads LCD disp..

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12-канальный профессиональный микшер с эффектами и USB Заточен под живой звук В микшере ProFXv2 ес..

28 531 р

LED spotlight The LED PAR64 MKII sets new benchmarks in its class. Equipped with RGBA LEDs entirely ..

10 093 р

Stairville DS-2 RF DMX - 1-channel dimmer with remote fader, pretty compact DMX Dimmer with output r..

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LED Scanner for Professional Use with 50 W High Power White Light LEDThe SC-X50 LED scanner has an e..

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