Dynamic Microphone The UNISPHERE® I 565SD is a dynamic cardioid microphone with switchable output im..

14 424 р

Compact Small Diaphragm Condenser Microphone With interchangeable capsules for all types of instrume..

37 286 р

Shure Beta 181/S

Shure Beta 181/S, compact small diaphragm condenser microphone with changeable capsule for all appli..

38 828 р

Shure Beta 27

Large-Diaphragm Condenser Microphone Supercardioid 20-20000 Hz 154 dB SPL max (switched-pad) 3-Way s..

35 880 р

Shure Beta 52A, dynamic microphone, Supercardioid, Frequency Response 20 - 10,000 Hz, Max SPL 174 dB..

16 692 р

Dynamic Instrument MicrophoneWith its compact design, the Beta 56 A is the ideal choice for use on d..

14 424 р

Dynamic Microphone The dynamic Beta 57A proves its exceptional versatility in its transmission of ac..

13 608 р

Shure Beta 57 Set I

Bundle offer comprising: 1 piece Shure Beta 57 A 1 piece the sssnake SM6BK ..

13 789 р

Dynamic vocal microphone In the tradition of the SM58, the dynamic Beta 58A has become the first cho..

15 967 р

Condenser Vocal MicrophoneBecause of its high precision and detail, as well as its natural vocal rep..

26 672 р

Condenser Vocal MicrophoneBecause of its high precision and detail and its natural vocal reproductio..

26 672 р

Condenser Miniature Microphone Unobtrusive design suitable for drums, percussion, piano, wind and st..

21 773 р

Condenser Miniature Microphone With special holder especially for snare and toms Polar pattern: card..

22 045 р

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