Splash Size: 6” AAX Series Brillant finish Transparent sound Extreme fast Very bright response Solid..

8 754 р

Sabian 07" Stage Bell, SA507B, Bronze will bring a clearand real Bell Attack, comes with a extralong..

10 025 р

Sabian 08" Chopper Disc

Effects Cymbal Size: 08" Chopper disc Percussion sound with many diverse applications 3 Bronze discs..

15 286 р

Splash CymbalThe HHX evolution series was developed in collaboration with Dave Weckl. Series HHX E..

12 202 р

Sabian 11" Alu Bell

11" Aluminium Bell Aluminium does not only ensure a clear, bell-like response It is also very light ..

11 385 р

Splash HHX Series Hand-hammered Size: 12” Fast, waspy, piercing splash Punchy attack kurzes, schnell..

14 833 р

Sabian 13" XSR Hi-Hat Cymbal, B20 bronce, brilliant finish, bright sound, versatile, ..

20 752 р

Sabian 14" SBR Hi-Hat, (Medium Top/Medium Bottom), Material: Brass, natural, delivers tight, clean s..

8 505 р

Sabian 15" B8X Thin Crash

Thin Crash Size: 15" B8X Series Alloy: B8 bronze Natural finish Hammered bell Stronger hammering War..

7 666 р

Sabian 16" SBR Crash

Sabian 16" SBR Crash (thin), Material: brass, natural finish, powered by pure brass, a loud and punc..

6 124 р

Sabian 17" AA Holy China, Brilliant, the Holy China features a higher profile to raise the pitch, ho..

20 911 р

Crash Cymbals Series HHX Evolution Size 18" Brilliant finish Warm, explosive attack Bright, clear to..

26 263 р

Crash AAX series Size: 19” AAXplosion crash Brillant finish Clear, well defined cymbal sound Wide dy..

23 995 р

Sabian 20" SBR Ride, Material: Brass, natural, Strong, clean stick definition and a bright bell add ..

8 505 р

Ride cymbal AA-series Size: 21" Rock Ride Brilliant finish Large, bright bell Uncommonly assertive s..

27 284 р

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