19" Rack Mixer 5 Channels DJ microphone section and audio interface for Mac and PC Inputs: 8 Lines, ..

24 154 р

USB Dual CD Player Supports up to 2 USB drives Access to all drives playing tracks simultaneously Su..

33 317 р

Active Loudspeaker with Lighting Equipped with: 3 Woofer 6.5" and 1" tweeter Power: 200 W of peak po..

37 036 р

DJ Mixer 2-Channel DJ mixer for the rack VU Meter LEDs for level monitoring 2 Stereo line / phono in..

11 181 р

DJ Mixer 4 Input channels 3-Band EQ and LED each equipped with gain level meters USB port for playin..

17 259 р

DJ Controller Complete DJ system with CD / MP3 / USB decks, mixer, computer audio and MIDI interface..

49 125 р

DJ Controller 2-Deck All-In-One DJ controller with jog wheel display High-resolution 5-inch metal jo..

22 362 р

2-Deck DJ controller for Serato DJ High resolution 5" jog wheels made of metal Dedicated filter knob..

20 185 р

USB and MP3 Player Dual USB drive support CD / MP3 CD Recognises ID3 tags and folders Master tempo P..

19 800 р

Single CD Player and Software Controller Playback of MP3s, CDs and CD - Rs Master tempo Large jog wh..

22 612 р

Professional 4-Channel DJ Controller for Serato DJ With two LCD colour screens Built-in DVS-ready 2-..

64 366 р

Numark NTX1000 direct drive disc player, Sturdy 12 inch / 1.13 kg Disc provides accurate tracking, H..

33 884 р

4-Deck controller for Serato DJ 1:1 Visualization of the Serato DJ software is provided via two full..

56 745 р

Numark Party Mix, 2-Channel DJ controller with Integrated sound card, audio outputs (2 RCA), Plug an..

11 022 р

Portable Turntable with Case Design Built-in, adjustable scratch switch and loudspeaker 3.5 mm jack ..

13 835 р

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