LED Tube with Colour Changing Effects Low energy consumption Extremely low heat generation Long LED ..

3 444 р

UV Light Bar Ideally suited for lighting and decoration purposes For fixed installation Locking opti..

5 576 р

LED Floodlight Bar Ideally suited for colour lighting design on stages, in clubs, bars etc. Via 4 in..

5 576 р

LED Flat PAR Attachment Tube 1m Long plastic tube with a magnetic filter frame adapter that can be a..

6 806 р

LED Bar The LED bar 240/8 is ideally suited to the colour light design of stages in clubs, bars, etc..

7 052 р

Polycarbonate Tube Equipped with LEDs for a colour change effect Features a 1 m Tri LED colour tube ..

7 134 р

LED Bar Operates in stand-alone mode or DMX interface DMX 512 Control is possible via any standard D..

7 544 р

LED Bar Easy to handle, offers diverse design possibilities! Operable in stand-alone mode or via DMX..

7 544 р

LED Bar Divided into 8 areas, beautiful flow sequences and chases can be created Lumen: 800 Lux @ 2 ..

7 872 р

Battery Powered LED BAR With 240 RGB LEDs with 10 mm diameter Double, redundant battery mount Auto, ..

7 872 р

LED Bar Stylish LED bar Straight RGB bar Ideal for wash applications Differs from Gigabar 1 with its..

7 872 р

ADJ Eco UV Bar 50 IR, 9 x 3 W UV LED bar with IR remote, ON/off switch on the rear panel, beam angle..

7 954 р

UV LED Bar Creates a black light effect with LEDs Available in lengths of 50 and 100 cm Less fragile..

7 954 р

LED Bar Divided into 16 areas, beautiful flow sequences and chases can be created Lumen: 800 Lux @ 2..

8 692 р

4-Channel Controller For the LED Pixel Tube 360 Ideal for musicians and DJs who want to control thei..

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1.8 GHz Wireless Headset System 192 UHF Channels (1785 - 1800 MHz) True Diversity receiver 10 mW Tra..

24 026 р

LED spotlight The LED PAR64 MKII sets new benchmarks in its class. Equipped with RGBA LEDs entirely ..

10 250 р

Stairville DS-2 RF DMX - 1-channel dimmer with remote fader, pretty compact DMX Dimmer with output r..

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LED Scanner for Professional Use with 50 W High Power White Light LEDThe SC-X50 LED scanner has an e..

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18-дюймовый активный сабвуфер Оптимизированный для работы с ELX112P и ELX115P, ELX118P добавляет гл..

88 150 р

Stairville DDC-12 LCD 6 channel DMX controller with LCD Display - 12 individual channel faders & one..

6 478 р

Fog/Haze Fluid Noiseless haze for shows With high reflectivity Purity guaranteed in accordance with ..

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Passive Speaker 8"/ 1" Drivers 200 / 800 W at 8 ohms 90° x 50° CD-horn Speaker twist in/ out Stand f..

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DMX USB Interface Supports PC, Mac and Linux RDM (Remote Device Management) is supported for future ..

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Active Multifunctional SpeakerГодятся для всего: ресторанов, концертов, небольшого (да и большого) к..

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