Electro Harmonix

Effect Device for Electric Guitar and Electric Bass Electro Harmonix has been known for decades due ..

6 645 р

Effect Device for Electric Guitar Phaser Legendary 1970 "Bad Stone" sound With enhancements for toda..

6 645 р

Electro Harmonix Bass Clone, effects pedal, bass chorus, provides a a tight, focused sound with a we..

6 645 р

Electro Harmonix Bass Preacher compressor/sustainer for bass, controls: Volume, Sustain, 3-way switc..

7 371 р

Bass Effects Pedal Bass overdrive and clean boost Controls: Volume, drive, blend, treble and -10 db ..

8 187 р

Electro Harmonix Battalion

Electro Harmonix Battalion, effects pedal, Bass Preamp/DI, compact, flexible DI pedal with distortio..

12 723 р

Distortion / Sustainer Sounds à la Jimi Hendrix, Santana and Pink Floyd True bypass Long, creamy sus..

7 825 р

Effects Pedal Big Muff PI /Tone Wicker The classic Big Muff with additional features The Wicker swit..

8 187 р

Effects Pedal Delay and Looper 10 Delay modes and a full-featured looper Up to 3 seconds of delay ti..

12 451 р

Stereo Reverb Effects Pedal 24 bit stereo inputs and outputs 8 Programmable reverb styles Controller..

18 802 р

Electro Harmonix Crayon 69 Full-Range Overdrive, e-guitar effect pedal, a versatile overdrive with i..

5 829 р

Bass Effects Processor Wah / Fuzz No moving parts Low-pass filter for Fat Bottom End Bass Tunes Fuzz..

7 825 р

Bass Effects Processor Distortion / Fuzz Controller for: Volume, tone, sustain, blend, gate, crossov..

10 909 р

Electro Harmonix Deluxe Big Muff PI, e-guitar effect pedal, Distortion, controls for: Volume, Tone, ..

10 909 р

Effect Pedal For Electric Guitar Flanger Regulators for rate, range and colour Filter matrix mode Tr..

13 177 р

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