Стойки hi-hat

Mini X-Hat attachment Fits 8mm cymbal stands Can be screwed onto the existing cymbal stand ..

7 462 р

Hi-Hat Stand Stage Series Double braced Three legs Adjustable height: 69 - 96 cm ..

7 462 р

Two Leg Hi-Hat Stand Double braced Swivel legs Footboard Adjustable spring tension ..

8 097 р

Hi-Hat Stand Junior series Especially for the Basix Junior Series For children up to 1.40 cm Height ..

8 369 р

X-Hi-Hat From the Pro series Ideal for double pedal players or as an additional closed Hi-Hat on dru..

8 550 р

X-Hat Closed Hi-Hat 600 series Install directly on the rack or attach with a multi-clamp on any cymb..

8 913 р

Dixon PSHX-1-SP X-Hat Hi-Hat, Aux-Hihat, specially for Double Bass Drum Players or as Expansion clos..

9 095 р

DW PDP Closed Hi-Hat

Hardware Arm for Closed Hi-Hat Hi-hat clutch For diameters between 10.5 and 13 mm PDAX912SQG Include..

9 185 р

Meinl X-Hat Auxiliary Arm, for mounting hi-hats or stacks, angle adjustable, separate adjustment for..

9 367 р

Flat Hi-Hat Stand From the Millenium 601 series Touch Smooth screws Ideal for club sets and vintage ..

9 639 р

Cable Hi-Hat Ideal Hi-Hat to play with double pedal Stage series Cable length: 250 cm Closest design..

9 639 р

Hi-Hat Stand Pro Series 3-Legged Double-braced stand Patented cymbal incline with tuning nut Memory ..

9 639 р

Pearl HA-130 Hi-Hat Adapter - for mounting on a bass drum for double bass playing, includes ADP-20 m..

9 730 р

Gibraltar 9707XB X-Hi Hat

Closed Hi-Hat including Multi clamp Continuous tilting adjustment ..

9 820 р

Hi Hat Stand From "Pro" Series Double braced Two legs "Swivel" Model with swiveling footboard Adjust..

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1.8 GHz Wireless Headset System 192 UHF Channels (1785 - 1800 MHz) True Diversity receiver 10 mW Tra..

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LED spotlight The LED PAR64 MKII sets new benchmarks in its class. Equipped with RGBA LEDs entirely ..

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Stairville DS-2 RF DMX - 1-channel dimmer with remote fader, pretty compact DMX Dimmer with output r..

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12-канальный профессиональный микшер с эффектами и USB Заточен под живой звук В микшере ProFXv2 ес..

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LED Scanner for Professional Use with 50 W High Power White Light LEDThe SC-X50 LED scanner has an e..

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18-дюймовый активный сабвуфер Оптимизированный для работы с ELX112P и ELX115P, ELX118P добавляет гл..

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Fog/Haze Fluid Noiseless haze for shows With high reflectivity Purity guaranteed in accordance with ..

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Stairville DDC-12 LCD 6 channel DMX controller with LCD Display - 12 individual channel faders & one..

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Wireless Microphone Set Set with 2x ULM200M handheld microphones and ULM200D Dual-Mode USB receiver ..

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6-Channel Splitter und Booster Format: 19" / 1U Professional solution for configuring DMX networks E..

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