Drum Seat Cover Terry cover for round drum stool, 35 cm diameter Incl. 2 x attachable stick holders ..

5 806 р

Drum Throne for Children Seat: Round, Ø 28 cm Double-braced Can be adjusted to a very low height Min..

7 076 р

Drum Throne Seat: Round, Ø 28 cm Double-braced Continuously adjustable height (without fixed increme..

7 258 р

Drum Throne Seat in saddle form With double bracing Stepless height adjustment with lockable rotatin..

7 983 р

Drum Throne Saddle form seat Black artificial leather cover Stepless height adjustment Min. height: ..

7 983 р

Backrest For DW drum thrones Suitable only for 9100AL, 9120AL, 8100 and 8120 ..

8 437 р

Drummer Seat 5600 series Standard design Single-braced Light With vinyl cover ..

8 981 р

Gibraltar S9608R Drum Throne Top

Top For Drum Throne Material: Vinyl, black Only the top, without frame Spindle mount at the bottom, ..

9 072 р

K&M 14032

Backrest Can be adapted to K&M drum thrones Ø 325 mm Infinitely height-adjustable Oval 235 x 400 mm ..

9 072 р

Drummer Seat Seat: round, Ø 30.5 cm Padding: 6.5 cm thick Very durable soft vinyl covering 6 Height ..

9 072 р

Drum Throne With backrest Double bracing Seat in saddle form Stepless height adjustment via the spin..

9 072 р

Drum Throne Ideal for children and teenagers Single-braced legs With round vinyl seat padding Contin..

9 072 р

Drum Throne Double-braced legs Round padded seat with vinyl cover Continuously adjustable (without f..

9 072 р

Backrest Suitable for K&M drummer seats with Ø 325 mm Infinitely height-adjustable Distance from the..

9 253 р

Drum Throne Invader series Round seat Double-braced Height adjustment via hole fixation ..

9 344 р

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LED spotlight The LED PAR64 MKII sets new benchmarks in its class. Equipped with RGBA LEDs entirely ..

10 093 р

1.8 GHz Wireless Headset System 192 UHF Channels (1785 - 1800 MHz) True Diversity receiver 10 mW Tra..

23 746 р

Stairville DS-2 RF DMX - 1-channel dimmer with remote fader, pretty compact DMX Dimmer with output r..

7 530 р

12-канальный профессиональный микшер с эффектами и USB Заточен под живой звук В микшере ProFXv2 ес..

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LED Scanner for Professional Use with 50 W High Power White Light LEDThe SC-X50 LED scanner has an e..

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18-дюймовый активный сабвуфер Оптимизированный для работы с ELX112P и ELX115P, ELX118P добавляет гл..

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Stairville DDC-12 LCD 6 channel DMX controller with LCD Display - 12 individual channel faders & one..

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Fog/Haze Fluid Noiseless haze for shows With high reflectivity Purity guaranteed in accordance with ..

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DMX USB Interface Supports PC, Mac and Linux RDM (Remote Device Management) is supported for future ..

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Это наша самая первая репетиционная точка, открытая в 2007 году.В ней пройден путь от небольшого бюд..

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