49 Keys MIDI KeyboardSpecial features of the Virtual Instrument Player software: With AKAI Advance..

42 638 р

Mixing Interface for Serato DJ Extensive mixing, transport and timecode functionality for Serato DJ ..

21 274 р

Ableton Live controller with 25 Synth-Action Mini keys Smooth integration with Ableton Live 5x8 Clip..

11 340 р

Wireless USB and Bluetooth MIDI keyboard 25x Velocity-sensitive mini-keys MIDI via Bluetooth to iOS ..

9 798 р

Akai MPC Live, standalone operation (mpc without computer) and computer supported with pc and mac; i..

94 848 р

USB/MIDI Pad and Keyboard performance controller with 25 Keys 25 Semi-weighted keys 8 MPC pads with ..

23 587 р

USB/MIDI Pad and Keyboard Performance Controller with 49 Keys 49 Semi-weighted keys 16 MPC pads with..

35 744 р

USB/MIDI Pad and Keyboard Performance Controller with 61 Keys 61 Semi-weighted keys 16 MPC Pads with..

41 822 р

Compact USB/MIDI Pad and Keyboard Controller 25 Synth-Action keys 4-Way joystick for dynamic pitch/m..

12 156 р

Hardware Sampler and Controller Recording and playback of stereo WAV samples via SD card 16 Velocity..

18 643 р

Sound Sample Player Reads SD/ SDHC cards 8 Velocity and pressure sensitive pads USB MIDI and Standar..

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